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Stay Safe & Healthy

At its core, Columbia Safety Medical exists to keep people healthy. We help you achieve this in a number of ways through a variety of services.


Stay Open & Connected

Masks, COVID testing, and vaccines are helping people return to work and to life. We provide and facilitate the resources to help people get back to a sense of normalcy in every day life and in the workplace.


Stay On Top Of COVID-19 Requirements

This pandemic has brought about some significant changes in how we interact and do business. CSM is your go-to provider to keep up with the safety measures your team needs to have in place.

Why Choose Columbia Safety Medical?

Qualified. Professional. Reliable.

We are contracted with entities such as the WA State Department of Health, Seattle Public Schools, Yakima Health District, the University of Washington, and many other state and local health jurisdictions to provide the highest standard of care.

Whether it be the facilitation of a mobile vaccination unit, COVID-19 test site, contact tracing protocol, mask fit testing, or any other service, Columbia Safety Medical is ready to meet your needs in a reliable, efficient, and professional manner.

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